Dedicated To Education, Awareness,

And The Recovery Of Missing Children


INJANCRC works hand in hand with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and the Salvation Army PROMISE Human Trafficking Task Force. We build partnerships with our community and law enforcement in an effort to work together to protect our children.


Services Include:


* Photo Facts Child ID Kits.


* Law Enforcement Training.


* Implementation Of Code Adam In Business Establishments.


* Provide Child Safety Tips And Presentations At Schools,

Church Meetings, Community Events And Meetings.


* Participation In The National Center's Corporate Photo Partner

Program By Distributing Posters Of Missing Children Through

Distribution Events And On Social Media.



  Call Us to schedule a child safety presentation at your next event or meeting.




Our Team of Dedicated Board Members and Volunteers

Are Determined to Make an Impact in Ensuring That Our

Children Don't Become Just a Statistic or a Name on a Report.